Yes, I know it’s an odd name.  So where did I come up with it?  From one of my books: Adventures of the Soul. In the story, my hero, Cue, shoots a pigeon with one of his arrows to gain access to a note the pigeon is carrying. But there is a hitch. Cue aka Eros aka Cupid shoots the pigeon with one of his love arrows in an attempt to stun it instead of killing it. The pigeon falls in love with Cue. He allows the pigeon to stick around and it essentially becomes his pet. He names the pigeon Vivian (aka the Amorous Pigeon).

As a side benefit the acronym spells out tap, and I am a tap dancer. So that is why my blog has such an odd name.

Excerpt from Adventures of the Soul:

He placed the bird back on the ground and waved his hand above it.

The tiny wound vanished. The pigeon hopped to its feet and cocked its head up at Cue. It was as if the bird had never been hurt. It flew up onto Cue’s shoulder and started making cooing sounds.

Cue’s eyes widened and he turned to peer at the pigeon.

It rubbed its head against his chin, gave a little shake and cooed some more.

Mirth bubbled up inside of me and spilled past the hand I clapped to my mouth. Oh, I needed that. The melancholy brought on by Melody poofing out of sight vanished.

“Shut up, Psy. It isn’t funny.” He brushed the bird off his shoulder. “Shoo.”

The pigeon flew right back.

“You didn’t shoot it with one of your arrows, did you?” I wheezed out. Oh my sides.

He shooed it off again.

The bird circled above us twice and landed on Cue’s head. I laughed so hard no sound came out, and I couldn’t catch my breath. He looked so ridiculous. I put my hands on my knees trying to get air.

Cue stomped his feet a few times and jumped around. “Go away.”

The pigeon continued its serenade and rub its face into his scalp.

Tears leaked down my face. “I guess this means that your arrows work on birds, too. Just think, you can start a new trend: interspecies romances.”

“Bite me, Psyche.”

I clutched my chest and fought to talk over my guffawing. “Sh…show it your wings.” I finally gasped out. “Maybe it’ll get envious and fly off in a snit.”

He flipped me off.

I laughed so hard, my legs gave out and I fell to the grass…rolling. It took me a good ten minutes to be able to slow my laughter enough to sit.

Cue bent to help me up with the pigeon still in place. “I’m so glad you are amused, but we need to get going.”

I took his hand and got to me feet with tears streaming down my face. Just about the time I started to get my act together I glanced up at the amorous bird and I lost it again.

“Really, Psy, you’re over doing it.”

I nodded, speech was beyond me, and let him lead me back to the palace.

When we reached my father’s keep, Cue brushed the bird off again and practically ran inside the great hall.

That set me off again. By the time we’d said our goodbyes to my family I had myself together.

We stepped outside and Cue looked all around, his wings appeared, and he held his arms open.

I bit my lip and stepped up to him. I kissed his chin and turned around while he wrapped me in his embrace and lifted us off the ground.  Halfway back to Olympus, Cue groaned.

“What?” I glanced over my shoulder at him.

He jerked his head to the side.

That darn pigeon was flying right beside us.

“Psy, if you laugh, I swear I’ll drop you.”