I love art history and history in general because I love learning new things. I guess it’s the romantic in me. As you have probably guessed by my recommended reads my favorite romance genre is Regency. So it is probably no surprise that I’d love to visit England. But there are so many other places I’d love to go as well. I adore learning about history and other cultures, studying the architecture and, of course, meeting new people. In case my bio isn’t clear…I’m a motormouth and love talking to and getting to know people. As the old saying goes, I’ve never met a stranger. But I digress, this is supposed to be about travel. 

I’ve been all over the southern United States: Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and Tennessee,  I’ve been to New York City, Colorado, California, and Missouri. 

Out of places in the United States I’d really love to visit, I think Montana would have to be at the very top followed by Philadelphia, and Virginia.  I went through Virginia on a train ride to New York City once and I remember being in awe of the beautiful landscape outside the train window.  Since I do love history, I’d also like to visit Washington D.C and Boston, Massachusetts.  

Unfortunately, I’ve only had the pleasure of traveling out of the US once. I went to Berlin, Germany and absolutely loved it. I was not able to get to the countryside which I very much wanted to do, but Berlin was filled with history. I found myself in awe of how old Berlin was.  As an American it was rather humbling being in a place where civilization dated back before my country was even created. It was also a bit sad, seeing all the destruction from WW2.  

There are several other countries I’d love to visit. I’d love to visit Austria, Italy, Scotland, I already mentioned England, Ireland, Mexico and Australia. As an Art History major, I could probably spend months in Italy. I’d want to spend at least a week in Florence alone. Then there is Rome and of course while in Rome I’d have to go to Vatican City. Then there is Venice, Naples, Milan… Oh yes, I’d need a while for my Italian visit. And heck since it’s so close why not visit Sicily as well? 

Sadly, I don’t see myself traveling in the near future.  I have way too much to do to my house, like remodeling my kitchen and my master bath. And I have a dog that would probably lose his mind if I left him for more than couple of hours.  Hmmm, I wonder if I could take him with me?  No, probably not. I don’t think the world is ready for Hiccup.  Oh well, someday…