Finally, I’m working on getting new books out.  It seems like forever. I am self publishing the  Moon series, and then I’ll be working on some new stuff.  It’s been a long hiatus and I’m so glad to be getting back in the game.  I plan on re-releasing All Hallows’ Moon by June.  I’m working on it now.  And then the rest of the books will follow.  And finally Marisa’s story to finish out the series.  

In the works, I have a romantic suspense series as well as a novella I wrote several years ago.

The romantic suspense series revolves around a fictional Texas town and is a family saga. Right now I have plans for three books, but possibly more. 

The novella is a novella I write several years ago for an anthology.  Actually I believe it was written for the anthology Howl which featured All Hallows’ Moon.  It was a fun little story, but only days before turning it in, Jet Mykles asked me to critique her story for the anthology. somehow without conversing we managed to come up with a very similar storyline. It was was actually spooky, how similar.  In the big scheme of things it was not a big deal, but in the same anthology?  It was way too similar.  So I scrambled to write another story for the anthology and the first one has been left sitting all these years and it’s about time I did something with it. I’m hoping to have it out shortly after re-releasing the Moon series. 

Here is a sneak peek at the cover for All Hallows’ Moon.