The other day after my agent said something about paranormal romance not selling well lately, and I thought: that doesn’t sound right. Honestly, she knows the market better than I do, so I do believe her. However, it got me wondering if the publishers are really that tuned into their readers. That said, I’m not normally a paranormal reader, even though I do like to write it. I prefer historical romance over any other genre, but I do read and will read all of it. So tell me, what do you like to read the most?

What is your favorite Romance genre?


Note: I know we can break this down even farther like the different eras in historical, or the different beings in paranormal, but this is just a general genre list. And when I say romance, I mean ALL romance whether you prefer heterosexual romance, LGBT romance, interracial romance, African American romance, and even Amish romance.