I have become obsessed with Lifetime and Hallmarks Christmas stories.  They remind me of Harlequin novellas. Quick and enjoyable. I have been giving my DVR a workout lately. I think I’ve watched at least 20 of these Christmas shows already ( old and new) and still have more to go. 

So far out of this years shows, I’ve watched:

No Time Like Christmas. I really liked this one.  the heroine was one of those who you instantly liked. 

Christmas Reservations. So far I’ve come to realize any Christmas show with Melissa Joan Hart is a winner!

Radio Christmas. Both the hero and heroine in this one are immediately likable. And it’s a charming feel good story.

A Sweet Christmas.  I love novellas about bakers and this movie was no exception. I loved the supporting character, the bakery owner. I’ve never seen her in anything before but she reminded me of Dolly Parton, sweet, and genuine with such a calming voice. Yes I know she’s a character where as Dolly is real, but still…

Christmas a la Mode.  I loved this story!  It was definitely one of my favorites! 

Christmas in Louisiana.  I liked the hero better than the heroine, I mean how do you not adore a man who fawns on his 15 year old dog. 

Random Acts of Christmas. Another really good story.  Really reminded me of a Harlequin novella.

So far the only one I just could not get into was Always and Forever Christmas.  I’m not sure why, but I could not get into it even though the synopsis made it seem it was right up my alley.  I suspect it was the acting. 

I even ended up buying myself a shirt that said, I just want to drink hot chocolate and watch Hallmark movies. I’m actually not a hot chocolate fan, and I’ve watched more Lifetime Movies than Hallmark movies, but they didn’t have a shirt that said I just want to drink hot tea and watch Lifetime Christmas movies, so I had to make do!  LOL  

So for the rest of the holiday season, I will be taking it easy, enjoying my family, baking, reading Christmas stories, and watching Christmas movies.  Did I mention I already have my Christmas decorations up?  Yup, I may have an addiction! I do love Christmas! Now if it will just get cold again, so I can use my fireplace…