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Romance vs. Erotic Romance

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately because I realized I no longer write erotic romance.  Honestly, I’m not sure I ever did.  I think I wrote romance with very steamy and plentiful love scenes, but I digress. Let’s go over the definition of Romance and Erotic Romance. According to Romance Writers of America, […]

Update on Moon Series

Finally, I’m working on getting new books out.  It seems like forever. I am self publishing the  Moon series, and then I’ll be working on some new stuff.  It’s been a long hiatus and I’m so glad to be getting back in the game.  I plan on re-releasing All Hallows’ Moon by June.  I’m working […]

Life with no technology?

Since I was a little girl, I have always loved the tv show Bewitched, starring the beautiful and talent Elizabeth Montgomery. Yes, I’ve only ever seen reruns since the show went out of production when I was only a year old, but nevertheless it’s been a favorite of mine from a very young age. Recently […]

Dr. Pepper Bundt Cake

My oldest son turned twenty-one recently. Not only does that mean I’m old, it means I’ve been writing now for about twenty-one years. I started my first book, Latin Moon, when my oldest was a baby. I had started reading a lot of romance’s when I was pregnant with him and when he was born, […]

My Travel Bucket List

I love art history and history in general because I love learning new things. I guess it’s the romantic in me. As you have probably guessed by my recommended reads my favorite romance genre is Regency. So it is probably no surprise that I’d love to visit England. But there are so many other places […]

My Christmas Market Experience

If you aren’t familiar with Christmas Markets, they are quite popular in Europe. There is a nice little documentary on Amazon about Christmas Markets called The Seasoned Traveler Christmas Markets if you are interested. One of the most famous is the Christkindlemarkt in Nuremberg, Germany. Christkind means Christ child, fro those interested. The Christkind is […]

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

There are certain flavors that just go together. Mint and chocolate are two of those flavors and has always been a favorite combination of mine. In fact, my favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip.  So when I found this recipe several years ago, it quickly became a much loved seasonal go to.   Mint […]

Holiday Reading

Every year I look forward to Christmas books. I start perusing Harlequin, Barnes & Noble,  and Amazon in September and adding books to my wish list. It’s about the only time I really like novellas and short stories. One of these days I will write one of my own. 🙂 I do have two of […]